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Dixie Belle Paint FAQ Sheet
1) Is there a trick to putting on Clear Coat? It is important to use a damp paint brush, and apply a very thin coat. Do not work your brush back and forth, just one stroke. After about an hour it should be dry and then you can apply a second coat to make it even.
2) Do you put on Clear Coat first or Glaze first? There is no right or wrong way so do this. It depends on the look you want to achieve. Dixie Belle Paint is porous by nature, so if you want an uneven look for example in cavities or detailed areas, then glaze first. If you want an even smooth look, ie. Flat surfaces, then clear coat first and then glaze.
3) My clear coat is “yellowing”, what happened? It is not the clear coat, sometimes the furniture you are working on has a number of things that might be happening. It could have a heavy stain, varnish or it could have been in a house that had heavy smokers etc. When you apply the clear coat over you painted piece, it actually pulls up the stain or tobacco stains. No worries, now that you have clear coated the piece it will seal it and then re-paint.
4) Does Dixie Belle Paint have to be sealed? No, once Dixie Belle Paint has cured, after 30 days, it is durable just the way it is. You can paint and be done with it if you like the look.
5) Should I use Easy Peasy Spray Wax before or after Clear Coat? Both of these products are water-based and are interchangeable. You can use one or both but it is not necessary to use both.
6) How do you use Easy Peasy Spray Wax? Shake the bottle, use a light mist on the furniture; take a lint free cloth and wipe. Repeat at least 2 more times. As with any wax, this should be repeated every 6 to 9 months.
7) Can you paint leather? Fabric? Yes, Dixie Belle Paint is perfect for both fabrics. Just lightly mist your furniture with water. (Do not over saturate), and then paint like normal. You might have to do a second coat. When dry sand with 220 grit sanding sponge and your fabric will feel like leather.
8) My paint is chipping off….Why? Chalk paint adheres to many surface….some surfaces maybe a little trickier than others. Laminate or shiny slick surfaces should be primed first with a solution of our amazing cleaner called White Lightning. Follow the directions and make sure to wear gloves. You can find White Lightning at your favorite Dixie Belle Paint retailer. Then once you paint any surface you need to have the paint “cure” first which takes about 30 days.
9) How do I do a layered look? Paint a base color and after it dries paint a second color. Use a 150 sanding sponge and start sanding away to let the base color show through.
10) Can I paint my kids furniture with Dixie Belle Paint? Dixie Belle Paint is non-toxic with no VOC’s.
11) How do you paint with Dixie Belle Paint? Dixie Belle Paint is very thick so a little goes a long way. The longer the lid stays off the thicker it will get. If you like a thinner look just add a little water and stir. Clean the item you want to paint with regular soap and water, take a damp brush, (you can use a chip brush, special brushes designed for chalk painting or whatever brush you like to work with) and paint a very thin coat. It will dry very quickly. Some items will need a second coat so after about 30 minutes add another coat.
12) How do you Distress or get that Shabby Chic look? After you paint your piece of furniture take a 150 to 220 grit sandpaper to the edges and start sanding away. There’s no effort at all because Dixie Belle paint distresses easily and quickly leaving behind a beautiful worn look.
13) Do you have to distress? You do not have to distress. There is no right or wrong way to work with Dixie Belle Paint. A single coat or a two coat piece of furniture is beautiful just the way it is!
14) Can you paint walls? Of course you can paint walls. It is fun and easy….try painting murals! Lots of fun!
15) What can you paint using Dixie Belle Paint? You can paint just about anything with Dixie Belle. Glass, ceramics, wood, metal, plastic, fabric, concrete, walls, leather……. (Did we leave anything out?)
16) Can I re-paint over the Clear Coat or Glaze? Yes, of course. If you glaze or clear coat something and it doesn’t come out the way you like, simply paint over it!
17) Do I have to seal Dixie Belle Paint? No, you do not have to seal Dixie Belle Paint. It is durable and a beautiful finish just the way it is.
18) Can I paint over something that has been waxed? Items that have been waxed are sometimes tricky to work with. Most times wax should be removed by using either mineral spirits or sandpaper. However with Dixie Belle’s Easy Peasy Wax, you can paint right over it because it is water based.
19) Why should I buy Dixie Belle Paint when I can buy chalk paint at large “Big-Box” retailers? We challenge anyone to compare our chalk paint against these chalk paint lines. Ours is so thick and creamy that when you do an apples to apples comparison you are actually using a lot less paint when you use our brand.
20) How should I store my Dixie Belle Paint? Our paint because it is water based should never be put in extreme temperature. Either freezing cold or very hot temperatures it will harm the integrity of the paint.
21) Can you use Dixie Belle in a spray paint gun? Yes you can! You use a solutions of 8 ounce of paint to 2 ounces of water and enjoy spray painting!
22) A piece of furniture with a gloss finish on it or a high gloss wax/sealant/ liquor do they have to be sanded before they are painted? Yes, it is a good idea to sand the piece of furniture before painting!
23) How far can Dixie Belle Go? A quart of Dixie Belle paint will cover @150 square feet. Therefore, an 8 Oz is @ 38 square feet of coverage and 16 Oz is @ 75 square feet of coverage. Did you know that our Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint goes twice as far as regular acrylic paint? Now depending on the style of your painting, you may even get more surface coverage out of our paint or less if you are a heavy-handed painter. To put this more into perspective – A hutch which is 37” wide and 68” tall would need less than an 8 Oz container of paint, depending on how you paint of course. You can paint an entire dining room table and a couple of chairs with an 8 Oz container if you are a light painter. One of our customers documented her coverage with a 32 Oz of Dixie Belle and this is what she could complete: 3 dressers with mirrors, 2 chests of drawers, 2 night stands and 1 headboard. That is eight pieces of furniture out of just one quart of Dixie Belle Paint!
24) How to Use Gator Hide: Allow your finished piece to completely dry. Simply brush on a thin layer of Gator Hide. Let dry. After 2 hours, re-apply, let dry 2 hours and repeat this up to 3 thin layers to get the water repellent finish. We like to use the cling on brush with Gator Hide. It works really great! A 48-hour dry time is recommended. • Great for tables, cabinets and counter tops!
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